Design Collections


Each rug found in our Arboreal Collection has the faraway feel of a centuries-old story that has been woven into the piece — a wise secret whispered from a less complicated time or a soon to be lost culture. The Arboreal Collection opens the door to this secret story garden, beckoning us to explore its wild abandon and delicate beauty.


This collection consists of a melding of media from works of art to the carpet where Odegard has taken the artist’s work off the canvas and reinterpreted it into art for the floor, or collaborations with artists designing the carpets themselves. The collection features Mira Lehr, painter, Paul Mathieu, furniture designer and Michael Somoroff, photographer.


This collection is an extention of our Sari Lights Collection.  This beautiful collection was inspired by original watercolor paintings and marker drawings influenced by natural aerial formations.  Hand-woven in 100% Indian raw silk or in silk and wool combinations.


The designs in the Batik Collection were inspired by traditional batik textiles, a fresh interpretation inspired by techniques and design motifs from North Africa to China.


Inspired by one of nature’s most exquisite gifts – the flower, each design in Botanica possesses a sense of openness. In this collection botanical details range from blossoms to furled leaves and vines that creep to the carpet’s edge, as well as floral elements treated as cutout shapes and silhouettes. Several designs are tone on tone featuring the horizontal borderless format, a signature look from Odegard.


Odegard designed this collection in conjunction with The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s landmark spring 2004 exhibition, Byzantium: Faith and Power (1261-1557), The inspiration came from sources as varied as illuminated manuscripts, textiles, ceramics, and book covers from the period. Transformed into carpet designs these precious objects and illustrations become classic yet modern rugs.


Choosing from the renowned textile collection from New Mexico’s Museum of International Folk Art with pieces as diverse as an American double weave quilt, an Uzbekistani silk ikat coat, and 13th and 20th century Japanese kimonos, a silk altar frontal from Mexico and a Nigerian wall hanging, Odegard created a lively international collection of folk art design carpets.


This carpet collection was inspired by early Islamic silks, many of Spanish and Italian origin, some attributed to Iran, some to Byzantium all found during a trip to a textile museum in Madrid.


Odegard interpreted many of Donghia’s signature textile motifs in luxurious wool carpets. Using the high-quality materials and techniques that Odegard is known for, the Donghia Collection reflects a shared passion for quality and design.


Articulated in subtle plumes of onyx, shell, blackberry, sienna, and palm this series of carpets was inspired by a fascination for the complexity of colors and textures of feathers and a desire to translate that unique elegance into a collection of hand knotted rugs.


Odegard couples modern sensibility to the art of hand woven flatweaves.  The Gelim Collection are flatwoven rugs made with 100% hand spun Himalayan wool mixed with vegetal and chrome dyes on cotton warp & weft produced in Nepal.


The Kerala collection was conceived one monsoon season in Kerala, a state on the southern tip of India. The region is lush with vegetation; a foundation for this carpet collection highlighting oversized blossoms, abstracted fern borders and tropical leaves that seem to float on the rug.


Vintage Japanese textiles and the naturalism in which Japanese design is rooted inspire the Kyoto Collection, which features a wide range of pure vegetal dyes. This combination of Japanese naturalism and the clarity and intensity of Odegard’s dyes results in beautiful rugs inspired by obis and antique kimonos.


A vibrant dusk in the mountains, a jetty going out into the sea, and the golden sun over a canyon are all inspirations for the carpets in the Landscape Collection, designs that are as open, natural and organic as the carpets themselves.


This range of carpets evokes the Deco architecture and grand seascapes of the Miami region. Influenced by the ocean, sun and tropical colors of Miami.


Our Modern Comfort Collection offers a harmonious blend of neutral minimalism. Designs that embody a unique blend of minimalism and vibrancy, resulting in a series of captivating pieces that effortlessly complement a variety of interior styles. Designs in this collection are comprised of hand-knotted and hand-carded textures: mohair, wool, and silk; each texture possessing alluring tactile qualities.


The Moquette Collection is a study in geometry, small scale and texture. Moquette is hand knotted in one of Odegard’s flatter and denser structures making these rugs extremely durable.


The Musical Elements Collection is made up of subtle yet opulent carpet creations with nuances of musical shapes and color combining wool with accents of shimmering silk.


The extravagantly embellished fabrics, decorations, and gold jewelry created during India’s glorious Mughal Empire inspired this collection. The Mughal Collection consists of opulent carpets with themes of jewels, gardens and courts.


The OC Collection consists of a mixture of hand woven, hand loomed and hand tufted carpets in an array of materials such as wool, cotton, silk and viscose. Because of construction and finishing the lead times for orders are four months or less and with the availablity of materials like wool, cotton and viscose these carpets are suitably priced for clientele on a budget.


Odegard reinterpreted and stylized the classic Persian, Ottoman Egyptian and Mamluk Oushak designs by extracting motifs and executing the designs in unexpected color combinations. The Oushak Collection is our nod to the traditional designs of the past.


Odegard’s signature carpet design Pangden, an often-imitated adaptation of the hand woven apron of mismatched stripes worn by married Tibetan women, is a classic that continues to abstract and update with surprising and original uses of colors.


The Rhythms collection is a celebration of movement and handcrafted woven textures. Designs in the collection embrace Odegard’s mastery of beautiful matte wool and shimmering silk textures, to low loop and to khapli techniques, a versatile flatweave method.


This collection of rugs is made from Indian sari silk and recycled yarns, giving new life to these colorful yarns that once comprised the elegant, unstitched garments of the women of India. The saris yarns are taken apart, re-spun, combined with new silk, hand knotted into original and exclusive graphic designs on cotton and wool foundations. The designs can also be made entirely of wool or wool combinations with varying amounts of silk. The unique mottled effect of each rug reproduced utilizes a proprietary technique that makes each piece a stunning work of art.


Inspired by Japanese peasant and workers’ garments and textiles of the past. The ancient craft of sashiko traditionally involves extensively stitching together several layers of used cloth to produce the one-of-a-kind work garments and sleeping blankets that are at the heart of this collection.


Marrying the matte texture of wool with the shimmer of silk is an Odegard trademark. Odegard still sets the standard in this combination with variations of floral designs as well as elegant tone on tone carpets where the silk and wool play with each other creating subtle nuances of shape and color.


Inspired by old indigo robes created by an ancient and mysterious eastern ethnic group with bold and sophisticated patterns of woven appliqued and embroidered fabrics. These carpets demonstrate graphic artistry and daring contrasts, making this collection homage to the traditional ceremonial garments of this indigenous group.


Inspired by natural landscape patterns, Odegard marries topographies of land with minimal timeless motifs.  Odegard’s Terra Collection creates simplicity and luxury for any room.


In this collection Odegard intermixes subtle tone on tone wool and silk color combinations. When selected weaving techniques are mixed with geometric forms they produce designs that visually transform themselves when light plays upon them or the viewing angle is changed. Odegards knowledge of weaving and knotting techniques has paved the way for creativity in textural innovations in the hand knotted carpet industry of today.


In this collection Odegard takes the enduring popularity of our hand knotted plain designs one step further enhancing them with playful detailing, interest and wit. Random placement of floral elements, shapes, and unique color combinations in a variety of wool and silk make up this eclectic collection.